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Borescope camera is great for exploring difficult-to-reach places. You just need to connect the camera to your phone via Wi-Fi and receive a clear high-quality image.


Just put a sketch on the screen with an empty sheet of paper on top. Turn on the light box and draw. Your child can learn to hold a pencil, draw precise smooth lines and be attentive, focused and patient.


Open up any doors! Unique gift idea for any age. Start new interesting challenges with these 17 tools practicing lock opening. Comes in a book-stylish case that makes it a great gift idea.


Indoor Blowgun Kit with Soft Ammo and Target will make a perfect gift for your colleague at work or even your boss! The lightweight projectiles are made from a soft plastic and travel very precisely. Be careful!


A wonderful gift for the wine enthusiast who loves puzzles. This ingenious gift is a unique way to present a hostess or holiday gift of wine. The recipient must solve the puzzle to remove the bottle of wine


Set of 3 motion-sensing LED nightlights for indoor or outdoor use. The LED directs 20 lumens of neutral white light downward to light pathways and stairs. More than 80 hours of light on one set of batteries!


The force awakens laser sword led light umbrella, creative and attractive with 7 LED color options.The flashlight function allows you to become the focus of everyone at a rainy night.


Add some minimalist style to your home with this awesome digital wall / desk white LED clock with white frame digits, alarm, date and time display in mode 12/ 24 hour. Light sensitive controller.


These 13 Pechkeks misfortune cookies bite back! Dark cookies, dark humor – individually packaged with four different motifs. Warning! Not suitable for the easily offended or those with no sense of humor!


For roarsome refreshment! This Dinosaur bottle opener is made from cast iron that tears off bottle caps in its jaws. Great for a monstrous centrepiece. The talking point of any party!


At the peak of your celebration when two hands come together for an epic moment of high five bliss, you can’t afford not to have confetti blast high into the air and rain down around your triumphant gesture!


“Kitty Says Relax” is BoxKitty’s mission and expectation. Boxkitty is a clever line of cardboard cutouts that connect via sticky tabs to form customizable and changeable houses for cats.


Genuine & Luxurious gift idea. The top plate is made with genuine leather to reflect taste, craftsmanship and culture while emitting a unique charm that inspires.

10 IN 1 SURVIVAL KIT ($19.99)

Must have camping gear for every outdoor activities lover! Includes compass, extra loud emergency whistle, fire starter fire scraper and knife flashlight tactical pen etc.


This funny gift includes a variety of insults, from poor parking to horrible body odor. 100 offensive business card total split up over 8 different templates. Comes in a convenient card holder box for easy storage


The ultimate drink holder for your sofa, is a one-size-fits-all drink coaster to securely hold all your favourite drinks – hot or cold – on your sofa, couch, armchair or recliner.


Keeps door lock secure from intruders from entering your home. Stops: bump keys, 3D printed keys, lock picks, stolen keys, copied keys, manager/ maintenance.

7 IN 1 PEN MULTITOOL ($10.49)

Discover the most versatile and compact level pen multi-tool for all DIY enthusiasts! The incredible functions and robust design will make it your most trustworthy companion during your weekend projects!

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What is an Annuity?


An annuity is an insurance product that pays out income, and can be used as part of a retirement strategy. Annuities are a popular choice for investors who want to receive a steady income stream in retirement.




Reasons for Buying Fixed Annuities


Annuities can provide an incredible safety net. Older investors are particularly drawn to annuities as the threat of outliving their money from retirement accounts is a significant risk. Annuities can provide a guaranteed income stream for life, along with guarantee of principal. Think of the annuity as your basement. Laying that foundation will guarantee you have the money to make sure living expenses are met.


In the past, people believed that annuities were for only wealthy individuals or families with a need to either shelter assets or ensure that large amounts of income would be guaranteed. But, alas, insurance companies are successfully marketing annuity products to middle and lower class families who also need to ensure that income continues in retirement. This is especially true as life expectancy for both men and women has increased dramatically of the last 40 years. Annuities are really the only investments that provide options for guaranteed income, a guaranteed return or a guarantee of the Principal.


There are several variations and countless products to choose from, however they all share these common traits:


  • Tax Deferred Growth: The taxes on the growth of an annuity are deferred. This in essence gives you a better rate of return than some other investment products, because the income that you would have paid in taxes is still working for you.
  • Principal Guarantees: The safety offered with fixed annuities is perhaps the most important feature to most consumers. As long as you follow the contract rules, and the insurance company remains in good standing, the fund put into an annuity are never at risk.
  • Fixed, Competitive Interest Rates: Typically speaking, fixed annuities usually offer a higher interest rate than similar products, such as a bank CD or a money market account.


Types of Fixed Annuities


Traditional Fixed Annuity


The traditional fixed annuity is structured very similarly to a bank CD (certificate of deposit). The premium grows at a guaranteed fixed interest rate for a set amount of time. The length of the contract can range anywhere from one year, to as long as 15 years.


Fixed Indexed Annuities / Equity Indexed Annuities


Fixed Indexed Annuities, also referred to as Equity Indexed Annuities, provide the same principal guarantees of a traditional fixed annuity, however the rate of return is based on the performance of an index, such as the S&P 500. The insurance company will credit the account with a portion of the indexes upside growth, while offering protection against downturns in the market.




Immediate Annuities convert a lump sum amount of money into guaranteed income to the annuitant as soon as the annuity is purchased. The annuitant may choose from a lifetime income stream, which provided the income for life, or a set time frame (usually 5, 10 or 20 years).


Common Annuity Terms:


Surrender Charge


The surrender charge of an annuity is the penalty or fee applied to the account if it canceled early. The most common structure is a decreasing surrender charge, where each year the surrender charge becomes smaller, until it is gone completely by the end of the contract length.


Premium Bonus


Premium bonus is a term used to describe a feature found on many annuities, in which the insurance company essentially adds 'extra' money to the account during the first year. The bonus can be in the form of a higher first year interest rate, or a partial premium match by the insurance company.


Call us today and let us help find the right annuity product for you.


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